Oak Roast Salmon Courgette Noodles


I have had the most delicious summery dinner this evening!

The oak roast salmon is from Whitby Seafish at Staithes that I had defrosted last night for my packed lunches, so thought I may as well use it for tea too!


1 courgette

1/2 large avocado 

Splash of KOKO

80g roast/smoked flaky salmon (cooked)

garlic olive oil

1  spring onion

1 tspn coconut oil

Peas optional

For the avocado sauce:

  • Whiz up with a hand blender the: Avocado, garlic olive oil, koko and spring onion until smooth. 

Courgette Noodles:

  • Using a mandolin slicer (mind your fingers!!) slice length ways until whole courgette is used.


Pan fry the noodles in coconut oil until soft. Season.

Add the peas and flake in the salmon.

Stir until the salmon is hot all the way through and mix in the avocado sauce.





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