Friday night Subway rant!


I have just seen this HuffPost article and I had to have a mini rant about fast food and immoral gyms!:

‘Subway are removing ‘shoe rubber ingredient from their Bread’ via:

Eww! Why can’t they just use whole ingredients instead of pumping loads of rubbish into their products!

I also hate the fact that they’re endorsed by athletes there is even an advertisement for subway in my local Gym- why advertise such crap-(don’t even mention the ice cream and chocolate machines installed there, its sooo wrong!!)

Why not have a massive poster of REAL FOOD?! and actually promote Real HEALTH & well-being through educating staff and clients? instead of PRETENDING you want the best for your clients and targeting the vulnerable, less proactive clients with backwards information that will, in the long run, be detrimental and ineffective for weight loss/health.

Slightly off the subject but if ‘snacks’ need to be available in a gym (which they don’t), bring in a local business to provide raw or gluten free/sugar free protein bars/ shakes post workout. Surely providing the body with vital nutrients post workout is better than the sugar & fat combo in confectionery?- Also, what an awesome USP – be the only gym in the area to actually promote PROPER health and well-being instead of mass market generic rubbish.


Friday rant over.


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